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The final will certainly consist of 50 multiple choice/T-F questions from chapters 25-30. It will be timed forВ 55 moments. The exam will be based on the questions below. Chapter 25

Discover the reasons the truly great Depression happened.

PG 662:

Speculation fueled unsound stock market, ultimately causing crash

FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD made worse crash by curtailing profit circulation and raising interest rates Hawley-Smoot Contract price accelerated financial decline simply by damaging overseas trade Deepening inequality of income division depressed customer demand and slowed recovery What happened in Oct. up to 29, 1929? Black Tuesday

October 29th, 1929 the day of the currency markets crash, is additionally referred to as What did shopping for on " margin” mean?

Stocks could possibly be purchased simply by paying a percent of the price and borrowing the remaining. How do the Government Reserve board intensify the severity with the stock market crash? Pg. 661 Federal Hold Board – curtailed the bucks in flow, making credit rating less accessible to public. Which in turn factors written for the interesting depth and entire Depression? All the following were causes of the truly great Depression APART FROM: unequal flow of money

a drop in agricultural production in the mid-1920s

the prominence of oligopolies in the American economy

careless banking and speculation uncontrolled by regulation

Once Franklin Roosevelt was chosen president?

In 1932 he lost his re-election bid to Franklin M. Roosevelt. Just how many terms did this individual serve? some terms

What was President Roosevelt's first order of business in working with the depression? Save the nation's banking program.

What had been " fireside chats”? radio chats

What did the New Deal accomplish?

FDR's respond to this unmatched crisis was going to initiate the " Fresh Deal" — a series of economical measures made to alleviate the worst effects of the major depression, reinvigorate our economy, and regain the confidence of the American people inside their banks and also other key establishments. The New Package was orchestrated by a key group of FDR advisors brought in from academia and industry known as the " Brains Trust" who, in their first " hundred days" in workplace, helped FDR enact 15 major laws. One of the most significant of these was your Banking Act of 1933, which finally brought an end to the panic that held the nation's banking system. Achieved it restore abundance to the American economy? Zero just financial institutions Bank Holiday break (1933)

-solution to banking transactions-ensured banks may not go bankrupt-it had been dangerous to put cost savings in bank-bank -> awful investment, misplaced their life savings-659 financial institutions closed in 1929-families lost savings over night Urgent Banking Take action (1933)

-occurred in first 95 days of FDR's presidency-after Bank Holiday-> technique of being salvant and not salvant-> to be stronger banks-open banks-> federally permitted banks-organized banks into 4 categories Glass-Steagall Act (1933)

-also known as the Financial Act of 1933-broke industrial banks-prohibited financial institution sales of deposits -banks held procedures for securities -separation of economic banking coming from investment financial (prohibited business banks coming from participating in the investment financial business)-help restore industry and labor-enacted because emergency response-separated into two new bills-repealed -was not really considered a very necessary action National Recovery Act (NRA) (1933)

-repealed-Wallstreet crash-march 9th, 1933-> 100 days-> unemployment-congress-> Countrywide Recovery Admin. -500 industrial sectors and 22 million workers helped from your NRA to help make the work force consistent -gov't assistance -working hours-labor rights-labor assemblage Federal Urgent Relief Admin (FERA) (1932)

-by Hoover, set up until 1935 -WPA took over for FERA core, offering jobs for people through government-putting people to work with government's money Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) (1933)

--CCC emphasized conflict efforts-> after Pearl Harbor joblessness rate reached peak of 25%-FDR Fresh Deal:...