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 Catcher inside the Rye- Themes Essay

Designer clothes, Hollywood, and actors are the concern of many customers. The book that points out all this is usually J. G Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye. This book is about a teenager, Holden Caulfield, who sees the world about him. This individual sees how a materialistic view on life offers dominated on the spiritual watch. The Baseball catchers in the Rye by Salinger indicates that ways of a material community is present, only the way it is today.

The moment parents are not there for their children, they will buy the love of their children with items. In the novel Holden speaks of ice skates that his mom bought him. He considers what his mother performed to get the stakes, and how the girl bought him the wrong kind. As Holden gathers his things he says, " I had to load up these brand-new ice skates my mother had practically just delivered me a couple of days before" (51-52). Holden will not want products from his parents, this individual just wants them to like him. The moment parents have an overabundance money and will afford to deliver their children from school or perhaps hire to acquire someone else increase them, the child my think neglected. Due to parent's wealth however they believe if they will buy the children all the toys and games they needed and mail them gifts, then the youngster will love these people. However they are wrong, kids need the appreciate and care of their father and mother, not the gifts or money. With additional items to buy nowadays this makes it easier for a few adults to get their kid's love.

Today with immediate messenger, text messaging, and email a real chat with friends and family can be not valued. As Holden and his sibling Phoebe happen to be talking the lady asks him to tell her something that this individual really likes. Holden explains to her that having a conversation like happen to be right now is usually something this individual really likes. Phoebe will not think this is certainly really something, but Holden replies, " It is so anything really! Undoubtedly it is! How come the hell basically it? Persons never think anything is usually anything really. I'm receiving goddam sick and tired of it" (172)....