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 Computer System in several Environment Analysis Paper


MH Kabir

Assess the information demands of the distinct functional areas on the over organization [P1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this small company bottom their organizational structures upon few several functional areas, creating departments around these types of functions and assigning tasks according to have. Several key types of functional areas are typically seen in business this kind of hotel business environments:

1 ) Administration & Maintenance department

In our case study organization is a small business firm. Actually this kind of business needs a few functioning department. This departments functions will be as under-

* Email receiving, disperse and dispatching.

5. Researching info.

* Planning document pertaining to the organization.

* Getting of business office stationery and equipments to get the motel. * Maintain record coming from all income and expenditure, personnel welfare. 5. Hotel electronics equipments repair & repairs. * Into the safety (Check the every fire leave and open fire alarm). 2. Provide to routine check (gas heating system, electric connection) are operating properly without any risk 2. Administration office share data with other folks department.

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2 . Marketing & Customer satisfaction department

With this organization Marketing and Customer service division are operating together. Previously mentioned department directly handle for the customers & marketing activities. Functions will be as under- * In order to the customer in face to face roll and also reply telephone. Producing promotional bargains for absolutely free themes (rate * Received query, question, inquiry, interrogation and complaints to the customer.

2. Online negotiations with buyers i. elizabeth. online hotel room booking. * Receive repayment from consumer.

* Create marketing program activities & design to increase the customers...