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Work Command Theory is Fake

According to the Work Command Theory morality depends upon religion in the following feeling: Morally correct actions happen to be morally correct because God commands all of us to perform them, and morally wrong actions are morally wrong mainly because God forbids us coming from performing them. In other words, the Divine control theory may be the view that morality can be somehow based upon God, which moral responsibility consists in obedience to God's orders. My goal is to provide evidence that the Work Command Theory is phony because of the opinion argument as well as the Euthyphro situation. The initial problem that stands out to me is the perception argument. This argument says that in the event DCT is true, then values exists only when God exists. If values exists as long as God is available then it's impossible to believe in morality without thinking in Our god, hence DCT is phony. This brings up the question in the event that God actually exists or perhaps not. Therefore , for atheists this declaration makes it difficult. Since you will find nonbelievers to choose from, does that simply signify morality really does no are present for them? One other problem with Work Command Theory is if there is absolutely no standard of " getting morally right" apart from The lord's commands, after that God could literally command us to do almost anything and it could be right for us to do it by simply definition. Whatever God commands becomes the standard of moral rightness, and there are not any moral beliefs external to God to limit what he would or perhaps would not control. So if perhaps God told one person to rape another, DCT requires that rape would be ethical because " doing the proper thing" is logically equal to " doing what God commands. " A highly implausible implication is that it is not possible to possibly imagine Goodness commanding a wrong act. What counts while moral or immoral habit on DCT is completely subjective and exclusively dependent upon God and thus is seen as arbitrary. The next question is usually: " Will God command us to complete actions because they are morally proper, or are activities...