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 Essay about Giovanni Boccaccio

Giovanni Boccaccio

Im gonna write a great essay upon Giovanni Bocccaccio and tell about him and his works and their affect towards the middle-age literature and the literary works today. As my resources Im likely to use the illustrated history of The european union, wikipedia, and Who was Giovanni Boccaccio? When ever did this individual live? What is he noted of? How did this individual affect the late middle-age books and the books today?

Who was Giovanni Boccaccio?

Giovanni Boccaccio was an Italian Renaissance humanist, writer and a poet. He lived during the years 1313-1375. Giovanni Boccaccio was born around Florence in Italy. His father was obviously a successful bank, who needed him to have a practical education and to comply with his actions as a rich businessman. His father often took Giovanni with him to business trips, so he can see what his lifestyle will be just like when he grows up. Giovanni Boccaccio studied bank and spiritual law, even though he was not too interested in them. Later on this individual even stated that he regretted the time that was dropped in these research. He was keen on literature and classical learning. His daddy never reinforced or approved his plans on literature. He always thought that all Boccaccio needs to have been a respected entrepreneur. It is assumed that Boccaccio was tutored by Giovanni Mazzuoli and received a beginning introduction to the works of Dante from charlie. When Boccaccio and his daddy moved to Southwest florida in 1326, Boccaccio identified many professors at the college or university and at the court. This individual learned German poetry, ancient mythology, astronomy, and Traditional. He as well began to do what he really wanted to accomplish, which was publishing. Boccaccio great father still left Naples in 1341, since they escaped the problem and because Boccaccio`s father were required to go job to Florence. Boccaccio would not want to leave Naples, because he did not...