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 2 . 6th the Problems of Real Estate Creation Essay


Concerns of property development relating to Omole (2001) will be; 1 . property acquisition concerns; The entire real estate property development occurs on terrain, purchase of property from people involves exorbitant price as a result of activities of land speculators. The terrain policy was promulgated 33 years ago to solve this problems nonetheless it failed as well. Ironically, the land use act that was enacted to enable Nigeria have access to property, hinders real estate developers via acquiring area for real estate development. Rigmarole processes associated with acquisition of land, cumbersome and costly methods involved in digesting certificate of occupancy and the section 34(8) of the terrain use take action allows the ideal allocation of half a great hectare of land to developers affects the real estate designers in the involvement of real-estate development in Nigeria. 2 . Problem of finance; financing is very important in real estate expansion because of enormous capital cost it requires. Acquisition of property buying of building material, repayment of labour and so on needs finance. In many situation finance is not adequately presented to the real estate designers. this could be due to the short- term loan that may be being awarded to the real estate property developers. The increase in the economic policy level to on the lookout for. 25% likewise result to the high interest rate on mortgage of the financial institution. Other exacting condition of the financial institutions scare real estate builders away from obtaining loan from their store. This impact the supply of property in the country. several. Inflation; The pace of pumpiing in the country today is quite worrying. Co-peratives which in turn assist the members inside the development of real estate through contribution is affected by this challenges. On saving their money in a bank account, they would discover that the cash would not be all you need for advancement as at first budgeted due to inflation....