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 Teenage Prgnacy Essay

Tom Burns

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Teenage pregnancy is actually a difficult time for both the girl and the guy, you will possibly not be financially ready for an infant, and you won't be able to keep a reliable job and teens that get pregnant are much less likely to show up at college except if someone is definitely watching or talking care of your baby. 2/3 of teenage pregnancies take place 18-19 years old, out of most teenage pregnancy 82 percent didn't plan to be mothers and 70 % of teenager females who have babies will not finish high school graduation and only 30% do end high school. Being a mother of any new delivered child uses a lot of individuals and duties the medical bills will probably be high in addition to to pay for the baby's towels, food, cribs, etc ... Every time a baby is first born they spend around $50 every week on pampers formula and baby food. The year round price for a baby is $12000-$13000 if the mom smokes the newborn will more unlikely to b a healthy baby and will probably possess asthma and the baby being under wait around and might become mentally ill. Teen fathers have the required providing pertaining to the proper care of their infants. Some claims require young fathers to pay kid support right up until the baby can be 18. they may be less likely to graduate from high school or school than presently there peers who did not become fathers if they were teenagers. Teen dads usually do not get married to the mother off there children. Therefore teen fathers often use little time with there kids. Children usually do not thrive too when there is also a lack of connection with their dad fathers often later in your daily course feel relish of if she is not close to presently there children. You will find a 14% probability the teen mom will have a miscarriage, 26% of teen pregnancies end in abortion, 53 % of teens explained they had love-making without a condom, and less than 2% give their baby up for ownership. When you are drinking and your spouse is with you, you are more inclined to have sex with them. Women can become pregnant the first time she gets sex. The lady can become pregnant even...