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What you should Know About SSAT – ISEE Writing Examples

How can i interpret the ISEE score report? Exactly what are scaled scores, percentiles, and stanines?

Test Profile

This portion of the report delivers information about the student’s overall performance on four test sections: Verbal Reasoning, Studying Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, and Mathematics Achievement. The Test Prostudies ISEE scores both while scaled ratings and as percentile ranks with regards to ISEE best practice rules. These norms are based on impartial school job seekers in the same grade that have taken the ISEE in the past three years.

Scaled Ratings

ISEE scaled results for each section range from 760 to 940. The scaled score is more useful than the raw credit score because the scaled score gets the same which means regardless of which version of the test utilized. ERB administers many diversions of the test annually. The scaled score takes these minor diinto consideration and permits ERB to report a score on the common scale that has precisely the same meaning for all those students, regardless of version considered.

Percentile Ranks

This is where trainees stands relative to all learners in the same grade who have took this test in the last three years; it is not the percentage of questions trainees answered effectively. A percentile rank of 63 on an ISEE test section, for example , indicates the fact that student have scored as well as or more than 63 percent (and lower than 36 percent) of students inside the norm group.

Note: the group of college students at this grade level who also took a form of this test out over the past 36 months is quite difrom the number of students who also took the standardized test out the student may well have taken within a considerable testing plan.

Parents are frequently surprised when they see, for instance , a 75th percentile score for a child who scored at the ninety fifth percentile this past year on a check based on express or national norms. The ISEE tradition group is more selective.


This is an abbreviated version of the percentile. During your stay on island are 99 percentile ranks, which are well suited for distinctions among pupils, the stanine has only 9 feasible values and divides learners into seven groups:

The SSAT contains five sections:

Writing Sample*:A two-page, handwritten respond to one of two article prompts. Is a creative prompt (She couldn’t believe what she saw when the lady turned on the sunshine. ) plus the other is actually a persuasive a single (If you might create a single invention to resolve a major problem, what would it always be? ). It is certainly not scored nevertheless is scanned and sent to schools together with the score report. The producing sample offers admissions officers a sense of how you will write and exactly how you think. 2 weeks . chance to exhibit off your imagination and your deductive skills.

Quantitative Reasoning:Two sections of expression problems that evaluation a scholar’s math ability, especially mathematics reasoning. The top Level evaluation covers Algebra, Geometry, Domaine, Numbers and Measurements, Exponents, and Ratios.

Examining Comprehension:A section by which students read passages then answer approximately six concerns about each passage. Pathways each cover one topic from the areas of history, hype, science, poems, etc . It allows you to show off your crucial reading and analytical abilities.

Mental Reasoning:The initial half of it asks suggestions questions to test out vocabulary, plus the second fifty percent consists of analogie. Studying hard vocabulary is a must to succeed on this part of the examination. It’s not really unusual for individuals to need to learn hundreds of demanding vocab phrases. The good news is that should you build your terminology now, by the time you get to the standardized tests in excessive schoolACT/the SAT/the APswill have a huge advantage.

Experimental**:This section is ungraded and could cover some of the above content. The test-makers use this section to write future SSATs, nevertheless our college students don’t need to stress about preparing for this section.

Verbal Reasoning? Quantitative Reasoning? Can you make clear what these types of words basically mean?

In layman’s terms, here’s what each one of these sections consists of:

Spoken Reasoning:This section is known as a test of vocabulary. Basically.Quantitative Reasoning:This section is composed of math word issues that are put together in confusing ways.Browsing Comprehension:This section consists of boring studying passages with tricky queries.Math Success:It contains honest-to-goodness mathsimple stuff the thing is in your child’s workbooks in school.

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Component 1: Word and phrase replacements

For every question, cover the answer choices and discover if you can think about a synonym for the term. Then find the word inside the answer choices that most closely matches your synonym. If you fail to come up with a suggestions for the capitalized expression, can you think of a feeling or phrase to spell out it? Are any of the roots familiar to you? Is it possible to think of a context when you have heard the word? Do you know some other words that sound similar or have related parts? Make use of anything you come up with to help you choose the best answer decision.

ISEE Supervision

Independent Schools Entrance Exam test locations and times can fluctuate, and are dependant on the particular college administering the ISEE.

  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

As well as international locations which includes:

Applicants may also take their test by using a test consortium comprising several region schools in a central site collaborating to check those signing up to many different local independent schools. These types of consortiums are available in most key US urban centers.

Should I take the SSAT and also the ISEE?

In almost all cases, a student should take the SSAT, as its positive aspects can be seen in the side by aspect comparison beneath.

Can Take Monthly

College students take the SSAT twice, nevertheless they have the opportunity to takethat a third period during the vestibule cycle.

Restricted Re-Taking Procedures

Students will take the ISEE once every testing window: Fall season (Aug Nov), Winter (Dec Mar), Spring/Summer (Apr Jul). Show up & Wintertime windows show up during the vestibule cycle.

Verbal: Word and phrase replacements and Analogies

Analogies are very learnable, especially for learners who struggle with vocabulary.

Verbal: Synonyms and Fill-in-Blanks

Fill-in-blanks are harder for individualsto further improve on, in comparison to analogies.

Math: Both equally Quantitative

Since equally sections have the same name, it eliminates confusion for students.The lack of Quantitative Comparisonson the SSAT is also better.

Math: Quant, Math Achievement

The Quantitative section features a subsection known as Quantitative Comparisons that is thoroughly confusing to almost all pupils.

Penalty intended for Guessing5 Response Choices every Question

Learning when to guess so whento skip is definitely difficult for some students.

No Charges for Guessing

5 Answer Selections per QuestionIf you don’t understand it, guess and move on.

As a result of opportunities to re-take the SSAT, the teachability of SSAT Analogies, as well as the confusion in the ISEE Quantitative Comparisons, the SSAT is practically always the preferable check.

The only period it would be preferable to take the ISEE, then, is if a student can gain accommodations on the ISEE but not within the SSAT. (Being different companies, the makers of these tests may come in order to conclusions of a student’s required accommodations. )

When and where may my child take the ISEE?

REVISE:The ERB announced that students will be able to take the ISEE multiple times within 3 distinct tests windows. Know more here.

Students may sign-up to take the ISEE one time in any or all of three testing periods. The ISEE testing seasons are thought as Fall (AugustWinter (Decemberand Spring/Summer (AprilApp deadlines for some independent schools are at the end of January or early Feb. Accordingly, pupils will want their particular final seated to take planes in Dec or January in order to meet these deadlines. Paper credit score reports happen to be mailed to families 2 – 3 weeks after exam; yet , online rating reports are set and can be looked at online the week following a exam. This could be facilitated many easily after registering intended for test dates and creating an online bank account on the ERB website.

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